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Danny's the name, winning is the game. I play and live solely for myself, to get ahead, and to avoid the trap of marriage. I feel for the plight men who have fallen prey to the Matriarchy, but I do not pity them, for they made their own choice and have knowingly and willingly put themselves in shackles. I do not apologize for my self centeredness, and I don't need to explain to anyone why I live this way. I will never marry, I do not have a girlfriend nor do I want one. I am not gay, I'm well off, and I attract beautiful women frequently. I love myself, and what I do. My life is peachy, and I will never apologize for that.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What it takes to be a Paramedic.

As I write this, I can't help but think of my partner, who meets none of the qualities that make a good medic. I can't expect that she would either, most women in the United States lack these very qualities as well. My partner used to be kind of cute, now all I see every day is this drooling bumbling cave troll. But let's go over this list:

Compassion - A good paramedic is compassionate. We feel for the plight of others and we have this desire to eliminate it. Kind of hard to do when your mind is permanently on "ME" mode. Reason number one why women in general should not be medics.

Caring - This is just like compassion, and yes, most women care. About themselves. This is reason two.

Strength - This goes without saying. My partner cannot, and does not, help me lift big people. She'll stand to the side checking out her nails while a guy from Fire helps me. I can't do anything but give an embarassed look. Embarassed to be paired up with this bitch. Reason three.

Will power - I thought about this one for a bit and found it relevant. Sometimes we work 24 hour shifts and I'm stuck with this bitch talking about her clothes or shoes, or shopping experience, or whatever jibberish she wants to talk about. But on a 24 hour shift, she will not stop BITCHING that she has to be there, that other medics can pick up her slack (no shit, no one would even notice you weren't there). Then she'll fall asleep on the way to a call and I have to wake her up when we get there, costing valuable time.

Composure - When blood freaks out an EMT, there are problems. I often treat a patient alone because she won't go near blood. Often times I bring it up to my boss, only to get shut down with a swiftness. It's no surprise that my supervisor is a woman. Sometimes my partner will run and cry in the truck during bad trauma calls. What she lacks is called COMPOSURE, and a vast majority of women need to acquire some.

Selflessness - BAHAHAHAHA, a selfless female?!

Duty - This goes right back to composure. This bitch has a fucking duty to perform. She consistantly does not, along with most of the other females working on other crews. This is not a surprise to anyone working with me, and shouldn't be a surprise to anyone reading.

Integrity - I've caught my partner ripping off medical supplies from the truck at the end of shift. Reports are filed, and nothing is done. Again, no surprise when her best buddies are the bosses, and female.

Respect - It's pointless to expect respect out of a female these days. These girls don't even respect their own daddies, and my partner is no different.

This is how I feel about the cunts I work with, this is a frighteningly accurate list of qualities they lack. Read it, let it sink in, and worry when you have a group of female paramedics show up, because you or your loved ones may not make it.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Feminism kills.

Recently I got a new partner, an average looking 24 year old female to replace my old one, who was like 40, looked 60, and probably had 80 cats. Needless to say, she was a man hating biotch, so I was glad to have a new partner.

Last night we got called to a nasty MVC (motor vehicle collision) on the freeway. When we arrived, we found the guy outside his vehicle, he was trying to get to his trunk, but couldn't, and he was bleeding from his femoral artery pretty bad, among other things, but this was our primary concern. So as I'm ripping the jump bag open and barking orders at my partner, I see her silhouette behind the rig. There she was, crying!! Not helping me at ALL! I was holding a big wad of gauze along with pressure on his leg to stop the bleeding with my knee, while placing oxygen on his face and attempting to start an IV on this writhing patient.

Long story short, he survived, thanks to myself and another heroic man a civilian bystander, who commented that this bitch needs to be canned. I couldn't agree more. The story continues, however, because I verbally ripped her a new fucking asshole inside the rig.

Stupid fucking cunt.

Her feelings were so hurt she told our immediate supervisor, who happens to be a female. Our supervisor threw all of the facts right out of the window and immediately sided with my new emotionally challenged partner. FUCK THAT! How do you justify backing this girl up, when she could have been RESPONSIBLE for this man's death? I brought this up higher, to my director (the big boss). She had already been talked to by my supervisor, and was already on their side. I am to be written up and reprimanded today.

Friday, December 29, 2006

A miserable young man.

With a title like this, you can only assume that the guy i'm talking about is married. I'd like to get into a little bit of detail about his wife first.

Her stats: 5'4", 230 lbs. Age 22. Mean and bitter (and really really hates me)

Now him.

The guy: 5'7", 126 lbs. Age 22. He's a good man, deserves much much better than her.

It's like a hippo is fucking a chiahuahua. The woman he married is not only disgusting, but she has tattoos everywhere, she smells, their apartment reeks because she doesn't clean up after herself and her mountains of twinkies. I'm surprised her toilet isn't backed up.

While my friend is in Iraq, valiently fighting a war for a corrupt president, she's at home, spending his extra combat pay on twinkies and probably her boyfriend on the side. She has utter control over him and his finances. When my friend came home for 2 weeks during Christmas, he was made to sleep on the couch. It goes without saying that she did not put out for him, like a good woman would. Furthermore, my friend discovered love letters by his wife, sent to and from a man in the Navy. His wife, we'll call her Little Debbie, after the staple of her diet, has been spying on his Email, his interactions on and offline, and answering his phone.

It's time for him to dump his wife. He has been married since July 5th, 2006. He has time to get an anullment, no harm no foul. But he won't listen to me. If you read this, and feel like he deserves better, please comment and we'll start a petition for him, so he knows he has support, and he'll finally cut the massive dead weight from his life. I'll make sure he gets a link to my blog shortly.

Thanks guys.

Update 01-13-07: Real world I recieved 726 signatures on my petition. I decided not to send it to him, since he's already in the process of hiding assetts for divorce. Nice.

Monday, November 20, 2006

My message to American women.

My god, have some FUCKING respect for yourself! 1 in 4 of you hags have herpes type 2, no doubt from renting your vagina out like a video store.

Look at you! You are gigantic! McDonalds should not be a staple of your diet. Not only are you enormous, but your hair is as short as mine!!! You look like a MAN! If I wanted a MAN I would be gay and I would STILL not want you. Likewise if YOU want a man, try being a woman for a change.

You're a bitch! All of your friends are bitches! This is not a quality to be PROUD of, and many of you are! I don't get it!

You are not beautiful. You are ugly outside. You are ugly inside. You've lost your feminine aura, and you remind me of a man. You have hideous tattoos in horrendous places, you are frightening to observe, and even more-so when you are dressed in a provocative manner (god forbid I ever see you nude).

Your vagina is not gold. It's not silver. It isn't even valuable or worth mentioning. Your vagina is a rotten apple pie, so many crooked, infested, hairy cocks have been inserted that you're lucky you haven't died of septic shock, yet.

American women, you disgust me. You will never recieve a dime from me, you will never be wined and dined, I will never romance you, I won't even pay you any attention. You are beneath me, you've destroyed yourselves, your credibility, and your men's confidence in you, and for that you will pay.

More and more, we men are truly going our own way. You deserve it. You deserve everything that comes to you, including the lonely miserable death that comes to a fat man-hating hag in her old age. Only your cats will survive you, and even they are anxiously awaiting your demise. The only good that will come from you is the death of your ideas and influence, and I feel confident that we men are doing the world a GREAT justice by not giving you any children. Ever.

Enjoy your fall.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Update on that cigar.

In my previous post I stated I would light up a cigar in celebration of me. I did that night, I lit up a John T, pipe tobacco flavored cigars that I happen to be quit fond of.

Sorry, I forgot to keep you updated on that one.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The good life.

Gentlemen, life is wonderful. I just got back from the gym, I feel good. This is my day off and I'm going to enjoy it. Hell I might even light up a cigar in celebration of me.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shattering the pedestal.

Women will sap the living daylights out of you if you let them, this is why focusing on yourself and not on their every whim, desire, and pleasure is so important. Woman is truly a wasteland, and by leaving it, you become truly free. So shatter the pedestal! Have fun creating your future and your adventure! This is the greatest pleasure you will ever find.